Rent a snowboard is an excellent choice for novice winter sports enthusiasts and professionals. company offers favorable conditions for the rental of equipment for any period. High quality snowboards are offered in perfect condition. Why spend money to buy expensive equipment? It is much more profitable to rent a snowboard and go on a long-term trip to the ski resort.

What brands of snowboards may I rent?

The snowboards offered in the catalog are completely checked and ready for operation. We monitor the state of equipment, constantly acquire new models. Positive reviews confirm the high quality of snowboards and services provided by Customers are offered options from the following world-famous brands: Salomon, Nidecker, Burton, etc.

One of the main drawbacks in buying a snowboard is the high cost of equipment and its rare using. Most of the time they ride it only once a year during the holidays, and the rest of the time, expensive equipment is idle gathering dust in the garage or storeroom. Flexible pricing when renting snowboards in Kharkov, a large selection of boards for athletes of all ages and the degree of professionalism contribute to the continued growth in popularity of the service.

How to rent a snowboard? company offers to arrange a snowboard rental in the shortest possible time. To get the equipment you need, follow these simple steps:

  • contact the company's specialists on the contact numbers 066 507-68-68, 063 924-40-00 or through the site feedback function, to clarify the presence of the selected snowboard in the warehouse;
  • agree on the number of days and additional rental conditions;
  • make a reservation for equipment: arrive at the office to sign a contract and make a prepayment in the amount of 50% of the total cost of rental calculated previously. Another option is to transfer money to the company's current account, and specialists fill in and sign papers themselves;
  • by prior arrangement, come to the office of the company and pick up the snowboard, paying the remaining 50% of the rental price and leaving a deposit.

It should be noted that you should use a passport, driver's license, technical passport or the full cost of the equipment selected for rent as a deposit.

Rental price/ per day (26 hours)

Equipment Weekday | Price, UAH                  Day off | Price, UAH

Snowboard rental Category 1

100 200
Snowboard rental Category 2 150 250
Snowboard rental Category 3 200 300-350

Rent snowboard boots




Children's helmets


Ski masks


Ski jacket








Back protector


Snowboard cover


Boot Cover


Where is the store located?

Renting a snowboard from is a profitable solution for beginners and experienced snowboarders.

The shop in Kharkov is located at: 13, Sumskaya street

Tel: 066 507-68-68, 063 924-40-00.


Convenient location is also an advantage in favor of the use of rental services.

We open every day without weekends from 10 to 19. At this time you can drive up to make payment or deposit, pick up equipment, pick up the option of a snowboard that is necessary for the best rest. Many people ask how much is a rental? It all depends on the chosen equipment, the lease term.


Benefits of

Renting snowboards at a price that will pleasantly surprise you is one of the rules of our work. The main advantages of the company:


  • large selection of equipment;

  • reasonable prices and flexible payment terms;

  • unique rental conditions: we count one day - 26 hours;

  • when renting more than 7 days, the amount is calculated without 2 days (the way to the ski resort and back).

Renting a snowboard is the right decision for anyone who values ​​his time and does not want to spend money to buy equipment. We offer the most profitable rental conditions in Kharkov.